5 Tips to Relieve Stress from School

Stress is something that everyone experiences, and small amounts of stress can be very productive and motivating, but anything more than that can be a hindrance to your productivity and effectiveness. In times of stress follow these simple tips to help you achieve your best this exam period!

1. Exercise

Even if its just a walk, it has been proven that exercising can boost your memory and brain power, as well as reduce depression and anxiety by releasing endorphins that enable your body to counteract the affects of stress.

2. Make a To Do List

At the start of the day, make a list or planner of what you want to achieve for that day. As you complete each task, cross them out. This is not only highly satisfying, but also helps motivate you to continue to work hard.

3. Be Mindful

Taking a few deep breaths or doing some mindful meditation will not only clear your mind of unwanted stress but also help revitalise yourself for the next block of study.

4. Take Regular Breaks

The time wasted checking messages and Facebook really adds up over a day. By giving yourself small breaks (10-15 minutes every hour), it allows yourself to focus fully on your work and be more productive by pacing yourself through out the day and giving you mind small breaks, instead of burning out and procrastinating. A small break can include anything from a power nap to playing a quick game of Call of Duty. This also means making sure times in which you are working is free from distraction- you can do this by using SelfControl website blockers or putting your phone in a different room or on airplane mode.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Whilst this may not be surprising, the benefits of a solid nights rest can never be underestimated. As well as reducing stress, tiredness and exhaustion, a proper 8-hour sleep helps your brain absorb new knowledge into your long-term memory stores and increase focus for the big test day.